The Impossible (4 ct.)
The Impossible (4 ct.)
The Impossible (4 ct.)

The Impossible (4 ct.)

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Imagine this: you bite into a luscious salty-sweet chocolate chip cookie. Your cares go out the window as you savor every decadent bite. A little voice in your head warns you that this might be a guilty indulgence, but then you realize that this cookie, as delectable as it tastes, is actually free from most common allergens, is low sugar, and can be your guilt-free treat!

This baby is gluten free, nut free, lactose free, lower sugar and by some magic, it tastes SO unbelievably good! You have to try it!

**all cookies are made on share equipment and none are certified gluten/nut free.


Grass fed butter, pastured egg, brown sugar,  organic stevia, gluten free flour (rice flour, tapioca starch, sorghum flour, potato starch, xanthan gum), corn starch, baking soda, course sea salt, dairy free chocolate chips.

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